Baseado nas dicas dadas anteriormente, vamos praticar.

 Read the dialog, and answer the questions.


Jake: I remember my first vacation. I think I was five.

Sally: Where were you?

Jake:         We were in Brisbane, Australia.

Sally: Wow! Were you born in Australia?

Jake: No, I wasn’t. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. My dad was an artist and he was interested in the Australian landscape. My brothers and I were very lucky. Every year, we were in a different country on vacation.

Sally:        What can you remember about Australia?

Jake: I remember the amazing colors. It was very hot of course, and there were a lot of beautiful birds, insects, and animals.


1    How old was Jake on his first vacation?

2    Where was he?

3    Was he born in Australia?

4    What was his dad interested in?

5    Was the weather hot or cold in Australia?

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